SPARTA ENGINEERING’S truck mounted double service rig (workover rig) allows customers to combine the best of two worlds – commercial trucking and oilfield manufacturing. The structural components of this service rig are designed and built in Canada by people experienced in building equipment for the oilfield.  This rig is designed and coupled to a truck with all the features and price of a vehicle that is mass produced, however, manufactured to a very high quality standard. It doesn’t make sense to ask your typical oilfield manufacturer to compete with the commercial vehicle manufacturer on producing a truck chassis because the mass produced vehicles from the likes of Kenworth, Peterbilt etc., offer a superior product for less money. At Sparta Engineering we offer a telescopic double service rig package that bolts directly to a purchased truck frame. This product comes standard with our plate steel 105′ telescopic double, the Sparta 450hp drawworks and our folding freestand package. To read more on the advantages of this style of service rig or download a specification sheet please see the following features and documents.